Saturday, July 21, 2012

“Ethiopia’s Prime Minister Meles Zenawi in stable condition -The issue of stepping down has not been raised,” says Ethiopia’s Government spokesman

(July 21, 2012, News Time Africa)--A report issued by Ethiopia’s government spokesman revealed that the country’s Prime Minister is in stable condition. Meles Zenawi considered by many as a key regional strongman in the volatile Horn of Africa has been notably missing out from the public domain over what the report now reveals to be as a result of health problem.

Earlier on this week, news went round citing that the Prime Minister was in serious critical condition needing urgent medical intervention. However, this was refuted by the Government’s Spokesman in the latest report which clarified that Meles Zenawi is indeed in stable condition and currently under medical treatment. Speaking to journalists, Bareket Simon said, “He has been given the necessary medical treatment by his doctors, and at this point his health condition is very good and stable.

The issue of stepping down has not been raised.” Given the nature of his health, the President is expected to take a break from active activities to recuperate. “Doctors have advised him to take a certain leave of absence so that he could have rapid recuperation and recovery” added the Government Spokesman. Read The original article from News Time Africa »

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