Monday, June 06, 2011

Conference discusses land devt, mgnt policy

(Monday, 06 June 2011, Addis Ababa, ERTA)--The National Conference on Urban Land Development and Management on Monday discussed the recently adopted Land Development and Management Policy and the Revised Land Lease Proclamation.

Presenting a study on the recently approved Urban Land Development and Management Policy, Minister of Urban Development and Construction, Mekuria Haile said the Land Management Policy in urban areas must be development-oriented.

To attain this, the land ownership and holding system and its transaction has to be transparent.
He the system has to back political economic developmental projects of the government. It should also enable low-in come earning citizens become owners of land shortly.

He also mentioned weaknesses prevailing in the sector, which include rent-seeking trends in land transfers through auction, settlers and compensation as well as land grabbing. There are also execution capacity limitations among urban and regional administrations.

However, there is now strong commitment from the government to bring about changes in the sector. There are also a leading party, executing experts and supporting community.

The minister expects consensus among stakeholders on the policy document and the revised lease proclamation. He is optimistic that the policy would ultimately transform the economy.

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