Sunday, April 03, 2011

Egyptian church discusses Nile water crisis with Ethiopian church

(03, 2011, (Cairo))--Sources from the Egyptian Coptic Church said its leader, Pope Shenouda, is communicating with the Ethiopian church in an effort to help resolve the water crisis which erupted after Ethiopia began constructing a Millennium Dam on the Nile.

Ahmed Almasry
Sources said that a trip by the Pope to Ethiopia has been suggested. Bishop Morqous, head of the information committee at the Holy Synod, said the strong ties between the two countries' churches may help resolve the crisis, and said "We won’t delay performing our roles if political leadership asks for that."

Ethiopian Bishop Boules visited Egypt at the end of 2010 and prayed with Pope Shenouda, added the sources. They said Shenouda is willing to travel to Ethiopia -- although he arrived from a treatment trip in the US weeks ago -- for the sake of Egypt’s security.  Read more from Almasry al youm »

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Anonymous said...

I am Egyptian and I need to say something to Ethiopian: we are brothers and the Nile river is a gift from god to us, so we have to be one hand not to exhibit our power cus as you know we are the most powerful army in the middleeast, but we never attack any nations like Israel do, so live in peace and cooperate to make our countries better together and believe me we love you and we have very old relationships.

Anonymous said...

pour quoi parler de l'armer l'égyptien ? kkkk

Anonymous said...

Yes! for Diplomacy the only beneficial solution!

Akil said...

We Egyptian is , can and will crush Ethiopia at will at any time, context and place of choice. Period!!! we don’t need to punish you but you do not understand that our civilization is based on the Nile, Egypt is depending only on the Nile for its source water and there is still water shortage. It’s not your Nile. It pumps out of Ethiopia but that doesn’t mean it belongs to you, since ages the Nile had a natural path, why do you want to meddle with nature?. We r against stopping the Nile from reaching us

Abraham said...

Fuck u all u most cursed n dirty minded selfish n number one cruel Egyptians who hinder our most blessed n beautiful with lots of its natural resources country Ethiopia from development for centuries. But now game over u dummy Egyptians u can't make a difference any more from this time on. u can only live in peace or else being frustrated if u wish instability to our country Ethiopia. and we are not like yesterday even in military by now Ethiopia is one of the most powerful country which had never been under colony because of its strength and most of all our creator Jesus keeps her safe and death for its enemies like Egypt. God bless Ethiopia !

Akil said...

Ha ha Aberhan we are now on the way to U. our air forces less than a day to destroy the whole Ethiopia , but why do this when we can just arm Eritrea and let Eritrean kick the Ethiopians again. U better to beave now

Anonymous said...

They are doing worse than that when they can use Christian Church in Egypt to do the begging for them or they will beat the Christians to death and destroy their Churches, who are, but hostages.

Why Ethiopia does not do a brotherly act to the Egyptian Christian and let them settle on the million of Hectares of virgin land which you have handed to land grabber. They can live by agriculture and produce for Ethiopia as well and use all the water which is wasted to Egypt, because they are not thankful to God for HIS blessing but treat HIS people cruelly.

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