Saturday, August 18, 2012

Dallas police issue warrant in M Streets murder case

(Aug 18, 2012, DALLAS)--Police say they know who killed a couple outside their home in Dallas' M Street neighborhood early Tuesday morning.

Investigators believe Abey Girma fled to Kansas, and he remains at large.Meanwhile the family of Yayehyirad Lemma and Yenenesh Desta gathered at their Garland church to remember the couple. Both came to the Dallas area from Ethiopia more than a decade ago for new opportunities.

"The two of them together made the best couple any of us have ever known," said Lemma’s sister, Tizeta Getachew.Dallas police said Abey Girma is their primary suspect. Detectives believe he followed the couple home from their North Dallas restaurant and shot them.

A court document states Girma admitted to a co-worker he walked up to Lemma first and confronted him on the front porch, saying he had "disrespected" him.The documents say Girma told that co-worker that Lemma continued to disrespect him, so he shot him;

He claimed he shot Yenenesh Desta because she had also disrespected him."It's very bizarre to us, because I don't' think anyone or anyone at this church would ever say that they would ever 'disrespect' anyone," Getachew said.The family said the couple was well-loved, and wanted to help people. Read more from Wffa »

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