Saturday, June 08, 2013

Egypt will not risk losing 'single drop' of Nile water

(June 08, 2013, (Cairo))--In exclusive statements to Al-Ahram, President Morsi stresses Egypt's insistence on maintaining traditional share of Nile water while also stressing country's interest in maintaining friendly relations with African states.

In an interview with state daily Al-Ahram published late Thursday evening, Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi said that, while Egypt had a "keen interest" in maintaining friendly relations with African states – especially Sudan and Ethiopia – it was also keen not to risk losing a "single drop of Nile water."

The president’s statements came following last week's move by the Ethiopian government to divert the waters of the Blue Nile in advance of building its planned Renaissance Dam, the prospect of which has worried Egyptian officials and politicians regarding the dam’s possible effect on Egypt’s share of Nile water.

"The operational strategy is to communicate with Ethiopia, its government and its people, to prevent any harm from befalling Egypt's share of Nile water or that of our Sudanese brothers," Morsi stated in the interview. Read more from Ahram Online »

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