Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Ethiopia taps Chinese firms to employ a burgeoning youth population

(Apr 25,  (Xinhua))--Selam Fantahun, an Ethiopian high school dropout, feels that her life’s prospects have brightened up since she landed a job at a Chinese shoe factory in Addis Ababa four months ago.

“I wouldn’t say I’ve learned 100 percent of what I aspired to but I’m getting there, learning new skills everyday,” says the perky girl. Fantahun attaches soles of slipper shoes at the new partially finished plant of Huajian, a major Chinese shoe manufacturer. Encouraged by the salary increases and skills training of the company, she plans to stay a bit longer before planning to start her own business.

Fantahun is among the latest crop of Ethiopians learning skills in Huajian’s second plant located on southern outskirt of the capital. Huajian has already established a shoe factory for six years in Dukem Industrial Zone 37 kms southeast of Addis Ababa.

The spacious plant named Huajian International Light Industry City covers 138 hectares, and is expected to be totally completed by 2020. The new park expects to earn two billion U.S. dollars in annual export revenue and employ up to 50,000 Ethiopians. Read the complete story at Xinhua »

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