Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Ethio Express Grill takes the wait out of Ethiopian cuisine

(Dec 02, 2014, (The Washington Post))--The fast-casual market has already swallowed up Mexican burritos, American hamburgers, seasonal salads, Italian pizzas, Vietnamese sandwiches, and it's still hungry for more. Enter Ethiopian natives Yisak Fiseha and Selam Gebreyes, who have fresh meat to feed the beast: their breezy new take on Ethiopian cuisine.

Ethio Express: Is it the first to push Ethiopian cuisine into the fast-casual market? (Tim Carman/The Washington Post)
The husband-and-wife team opened Ethio Express Grill on Nov. 18 at 952 Sligo Ave. in Silver Spring, just a door or two down from Jackie's. The couple left the software industry to try their hand in the hospitality business, hoping to find a niche in the rapidly growing fast-casual market.

"We were looking at the Ethiopian food business," Fiseha explained over the phone. "We thought it can be presented in a better way than it is being presented now."

Fiseha laid out his multi-point plan to make Ethiopian cuisine "more mainstream" and "more accessible": Ethio Express, he says, is conceived to prepare meals fresher, cheaper, faster and healthier than the standard peddler of Ethiopian platters. Read more from The Washington Post »

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