Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Ethiopian Minister's Twitter Account Deleted After Slamming Uganda's Anti-Gay Law

(Feb 26, 2014, (The Huffington Post UK))--Ethiopia's Minister of Minister of Women, Children and Youth Affairs official twitter account has been deleted on Tuesday night, after she slammed Uganda for passing it's anti-gay law.

In the first remark ever made by an Ethiopian official regarding LGBT people, on Monday evening, Zenebu Tadesse, criticized Uganda's harsh anti-gay law which imposes life imprisonment for LGBT people and obliges citizens to report anyone they suspect.

Tadesse retweeted some messages of support of her tweet while rebuffing criticism, and stating quite clear that it was condemnation of Uganda's law, not an endorsement of LGBT rights. LGBT rights advocate, including Frank Mugisha and Human Right's Watch Daniel Bekele, hailed the courage of the first African official to condemn Uganda's anti-gay law. Read more from The Huffington Post UK »

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