Monday, February 24, 2014

የዓባይ ፍጥጫ" ከአልጀዚራ ቴሌቪዥን ተተርጉሞ የቀረበ


Anonymous said...

We Ethiopian have to unified to construct & complete the RENAISSANCE DAM We must pay scarification about the dam. Because Abay is the key gift to Ethiopia not to Egypt.However we shouldn't think like Egypt.We use the Abay water together with the streaming countries.We are not poor.Any Ethiopian Citizen should wake up for this big & decisive Project.Because we live in our
Motherland Ethiopia not in Egypt.
Muluneh Tsegaye
Addis Ababa/Mexico/

Nabo Huluka said...

jabadha ni jabaana WAAQAYYOON guddaan nu wajjiin jira!!!!!!!

Nabo Huluka said...

In addition to my full potainational to all ethiopian scarification is MUST.

Alpha Zulu said...

We all must know that we have full right to construct the dam with respect others right. Therefore, we have to contribute all we have in( money,kind,knowledge, ..) and ready to any response.

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