Monday, May 13, 2013

Ethiopia lesbian couple tell of attack, as fear of anti-gay action rises

(May 13, 2013, (ADDIS ABABA))--They call themselves Lucy and Tina. They are Ethiopian. They are lesbians. They are a couple who have been together for five years. But last week, while dancing at a local club in Addis Ababa, they told they were attacked by other women, beaten and forced out of the nightclub. The reason: they are lesbian.

“The women just kept yelling at us and screaming and pushing when we started to hold hands,” Lucy told, her eye still dark from the marks of the assault. “They shoved and punched at us until we were forced to leave.” Tina also has bruises on her arms. The couple said they were enjoying a night out of dancing at a club they often go to for relaxation. They said they’d never had any problems.

“It is shocking because we don’t show a lot of physical intimacy, but we do try to enjoy our time,” chimed in Tina. “And then all hell broke loose. It is becoming more and more common in Ethiopia to be attacked because people are gay or lesbian. The campaign against the community is growing.”  Read more from Bikya News »

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