Monday, April 22, 2013

Egypt Military Gears For Water War

(Apr 21, 2013, (LONDON [MENL])--Egypt's military, financed by the United States, has been preparing for what could be a war for control of the Nile.

Western intelligence sources said the military command has urged President Mohammed Morsi for a buildup meant to block any attempt to divert the Nile. They said the military envisioned a crisis with Ethiopia that could threaten water supplies to Egypt and Sudan. Read more the Full Article from Middle East News Line »

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Anonymous said...

To: Our Brothers in Cairo

We‘re Lions, U’re Zebra. What so ever U’re beautiful and can fly so speedy, we at the end wound U so stringently. No One can restore U. If U block Ur mind to know us well, we‘re such generous to accede the strategy U ineptly choose. All heroic happenings and fearless mushrooming of brave are with us. We‘re crossing our Hands, Our Blood swear nowhere but for this land to prevail.
‘Whether alive or dead, the Donkey, at the End, is for the Hyena’
'ብትሞትም ብትኖርም አህያ የኔ ናት ' አለ አያ ጅቦ፡፡
From Ethiopia

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