Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Two Ethiopian men arrested trying to steal $185,139 USD in Dubai

(Sept 26, 2012, Dubai)--Woman foils attempt to steal Dh680,000 in Dubai. Is it true that women have stronger senses than men……an Asian woman supported this concept when she helped Dubai’s police in foiling an attempt to steal Dh680,000 on mere suspicion of one thief.

The unnamed woman was in the car near a bank waiting for her husband when she noticed an Ethiopian man moving dubiously among the other parked cars.The woman did not wait for her senses to come true as she instantly called the police, who sent detectives to the area. Her suspicions did come true when another Ethiopian stepped out of the bank and went straight to a parked car that was picked by his friend outside.

He pulled a knife and expertly punctured one tyre as plainclothes police men watched them carefully. The owner of that car then emerged out of the bank carrying a bag and went straight to his vehicle. He started the car and drove away, followed by the two would be thieves—and the police men. On Maktoum street, the man stopped his car after some drivers waved to him about his flat tyre as the two African waited ready to swoop.

“When they finally swooped on the car to take the money, our men intercepted them and tried to stop them…one of them sprayed chilly substance on policemen but they were finally overpowered and arrested him,” said Brigadier khalil Al Mansoori, head of Dubai’s criminal investigation department. “It was a unique case as we receive reports from the public when something happens…but this women phoned us on the hotline 800243 just because she was suspicious…her suspicions however were true and she helped us abort an attempt to steal nearly Dh680,000 from that man.”

Quoted by the Dubai-based Emarat Alyoum Arabic language daily, he said the woman is still hesitant to be honoured by the police on the grounds she only did her duty. He added that the two Ethiopians carried out that operation just three days after their arrival in Dubai.
Source: emirates24/7

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