Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Ethiopian Dictator Goes MIA (by THOMAS C. MOUNTAIN, Eritrea)

(Aug 07, 2012, by THOMAS C. MOUNTAIN, Counter Punch)--Long time Ethiopian dictator Meles Zenawi, missing in action for almost 2 months now, is reported to be in a coma leaving the Obama White House’s Crisis Team for Africa scrambling to find a replacement. Officially, Ethiopian “Prime Minister” Meles Zenawi has taken “sick leave” and “getting better”, end of story.

In reality the situation in Ethiopia’s capital Addis Ababa finds the CIA media handlers floating the idea that with Meles Zenawi “sick” a “Transitional Government” will hold power until national “elections” scheduled for 2015 are held.

Numerically as well as in equipment inventory the Ethiopian army is the largest best equipped in Africa. The CIA has been paying the Ethiopian army’s salaries directly for some time now, as they have done in South Sudan since 2009.

Most of the Ethiopian army is little more than militias, often times paid in wheat “donated” by the UN’s World Food Program amongst others. These militias are made up largely of street boys recruited out of Addis Ababa’s teaming slums or village boys whose service is traded by their families for grain and a few dollars a month.

These “soldiers” are mainly of the Oromo nationality, half or more of Ethiopia, and are lead by the remnants of the Tigrayan officer core from within which Meles Zenawi once found a power base. Today, with Meles a vegetable and hush-hush the word in Addis Ababa it seems only a matter of time before all hell breaks loose.  Read more the original article from Counter Punch »

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The writer of this report cannot be an Ethiopian, if he is he should tried for treason, the regard for its army and respect of its soldiers cannot be a national. He is a Moslem and write in disguise, disrespectful of its army and its relationship with Christian part of the world. He should be shot dead on sight.

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