Monday, July 30, 2012

Ethiopians still looking for answers on Meles

(July 31, 2012, CPJ)--Since I published a blog last week on the lack of information about the health and whereabouts of Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi, readers have deluged it with comments (over 175 as of today), reflecting the pent-up interest in the premier's status and deeply divided views of his leadership.

For weeks, Meles' situation has been in question. International reports have claimed he is seriously ill at a hospital in Brussels, while the local and exile press have reports ranging from Meles being on holiday to having already died.

A state press conference left reporters disappointed, with no new information other than claims that Meles was "recovering" and would be back at work in "a few days"--more than a week ago. Comments on the blog echo the contradictory news reports; some claim he is dead, others follow the government line that he is resting and will return soon, and one even claims he is in a cave.

Whether supporters or detractors of the prime minister, all commenters seem hungry for answers, refuting the idea that a news blackout quells the public's demand for information. "If Meles is alive as a respected Prime Minister, why doesn't he come out and speak to the people?" writes one commenter using the name Dang. "He needs to have a slice of respect to the people. This kind of disrespect doesn't take him any further." Read more from Committee to Protect Journalists »

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Anonymous said...

This may look malicious; I hope he is protected from various rumour. Ethiopian should be considering what things which you think he did are wrong for country and people and what you do about it and how if you have people you think are capable to bring about this change. If God Grants so that he comes back he will atleast know what the country and people want. leave poor man alone now he is not bad as gadaffee!!

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