Saturday, April 01, 2017

Kuwaiti woman 'investigated over Ethiopian maid's window fall'

(Apr 01, 2017, (BBC))--The Kuwaiti authorities are reportedly investigating a video that appears to show a woman filming her Ethiopian maid falling from a seventh-floor window without attempting to help her. The maid can be heard screaming "hold me, hold me" just before her hand slips and she falls onto a roof below.

She was subsequently rescued by paramedics and treated in hospital for a broken arm and other injuries. The Kuwait Society for Human Rights said the employer had a duty of rescue.

The organisation noted that emirate's penal code decreed that anyone who deliberately refrained from coming to the aid of a person in peril was liable to be sentenced to up to three months in prison.

The Kuwait Times meanwhile cited a lawyer, Fawzia al-Sabah, as saying she would file a complaint against the employer with the public prosecutor.  The newspaper said it was believed the maid initially climbed out of the window because she was suicidal. ."  Read the complete story at BBC »

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