Wednesday, April 20, 2016

7 questions about the Gambella raid in Ethiopia

(Apr 20, 2016, (Radio Tamazuj))--A deadly cross-border raid from South Sudan into Ethiopia's western Gambella Region last Friday has left scores dead and prompted the Ethiopian government to declare two days of national mourning. Officially, the Ethiopian government says 13 villages were attacked, leaving 182 civilians dead along with 60 attackers.

Ethiopian authorities have blamed the attack on Murle gunmen and reported that the victims were Ethiopians belonging to the Nuer tribe, which straddles the border with South Sudan and is one of that country's two largest tribes.

News reports have described the raid as ethnic fighting and as a cattle raid –– but it also represents a spillover of South Sudan's broader crisis into Ethiopia. Radio Tamazuj today takes a look at some questions that remain outstanding after the raid: Read more from Radio Tamazuj »

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