Friday, November 06, 2015

Six Ethiopians Killed in South Africa

(Nov 06, 2015, (voa))--Witnesses in Durban, South Africa, say six people of Ethiopian origin have been killed in alleged xenophobic attacks over the past week.

Yonas Fikru, an Ethiopian businessman in Durban, says he knew all six victims, all of them men in their 20s who he says used to hang out at his shop. He says they were killed in separate incidents, mostly during daylight hours, by South Africans.

"They just come, steal and attack. In fact, the body of one of the victims is about to be sent to back home ... they doused his body in kerosene and killed him.

But there were two others who were killed before him," Fikru told VOA's Horn of Africa Service in an interview Friday. "[The attackers] didn’t steal anything from them. They just came and killed them.” Read more from VOA »

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