Thursday, October 29, 2015

Meet the Rastafarians who returned to the Promised Land

(Oct 29, 2015, (CNN))--When Julian Whitely lived in New York he was a go-to for legendary musician Bob Marley and his band The Wailers. Recalling his time as a fixer for the group, he remembers being asked to do all manner of things.

"When they come for business, I'm the one.... 'Julian, we need fish,' I'm the one, we need ganja, we need vegetables... take us here, take us there." It was a hectic life, and rather different from the one he lives now. Today he is more likely to be found tending his garden than cruising the streets of downtown Manhattan.

Whitely left New York behind for southern Ethiopia, swapping the metropolis for a rural town. Now he's one of 600-800 Rastafarians living in Shashamene, an intriguing and beguiling place and the heart of the modern day religion. Read more from CNN »

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