Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Ethiopia starts looking at the stars - from a nearly perfect location

(Oct 26, 2015, (CNN))--For young people there is no limit, and in Addis Ababa dreams fly about classrooms with as much abandon as anywhere else in the world.

Seventeen year-old Meron Mekonnen wants to be a particle physicist. Demekel Demto a rocket scientist. Dagem Teresse is interested in inventing things and wants to become a robotics engineer.

Mekonnen is quick to note that Einstein was young when he published his Theory of Relativity, a 26 year-old university student. A single equation of his "changed the history of science," she points out: "I have plenty of thoughts..."

Today's youth are always told to reach for the stars. But thanks to the country's first space observatory, some Ethiopians might just get there. Read more from CNN »

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