Monday, June 29, 2015

Ethiopia aims to join international space station by 2025

(Jun 29, 2015, (Anadolu Agency ))--The Entoto Space Observatory and Research Center, the first of its kind in Ethiopia, says it has been preparing to launch a satellite by 2025, enabling the Horn of Africa country to join the international space station.

The observatory was established three years ago by the Ethiopian Space Science Society (ESSS) at the top of the Entoto Mountains – a chain of mostly eucalyptus strewn hills in the northern part of the capital, Addis Ababa.

The ESSS was founded 11 years ago by 47 volunteers from different scientific fields to create public awareness around space science issues.

The society began by putting the needs of Ethiopian space science in perspective. According to Dr. Tulu Beshah, division head of the observatory’s Earth Observation, the satellite launch will mean that Ethiopia no longer has to seek data from the satellites of other countries.

Ethiopia spends close to $100 million per year in order to access information gathered by other satellite launching nations, according to information obtained from the observatory. Read more from Anadolu Agency»

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