Thursday, April 02, 2015

Who is Wossen Assaye?

(Mar 31, 2015, (WASHINGTON))--Wossen Assaye set off a wild manhunt in the D.C. region Tuesday after he overpowered a guard and escaped from Inova Fairfax Hospital. After two carjackings, the escaped inmate was later captured in the day in Washington D.C.

But who is Assaye?
The 42-year-old, who as born in Ethiopia, is believed to be a suspect known as the “Bicycle Bandit.” He was charged for a March 20th robbery of the Apple Federal Credit Union in Alexandria, Va.

According to court documents, authorities also believe Assaye is responsible for 12 total bank robberies that have occurred in the northern Virginia area since October of 2013. On March 27, Assaye was transported from the Alexandria Detention Center to Inova Fairfax Hospital for medical treatment after attempting suicide.

U.S. Marshal Bobby Mathieson said he tied a bedsheet around his neck and dove off a tier at the detention center. Alexandria Sheriff Dana Lawhorne told FOX 5 that Assaye was hanging about eight feet off the ground before two deputies and another inmate helped assist in saving his life. Assaye was then taken to the hospital where he stayed until his escape. Read more from My FoxDC»

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