Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Kitfo Sandwich in Buffalo NY

(Jan 21, 2015, (Buffalo))--Kitfo, a dish of minced beef flavored with spices and clarified butter, is hugely popular in Ethiopia, where it’s often presented as the centerpiece of large meals. When Zelalem Gemmeda started serving her Ethiopian dishes from a restaurant stall called, inside the West Side Bazaar she had a problem.

How could she sell kitfo to Buffalonians, who wouldn’t necessarily want to sit down for the lengthy traditional meals, especially in the middle of the day?

Thus the kitfo sandwich was born. It’s minced beef that’s been marinated with spices, including chile and cardamom, then drenched in clarified butter that’s been simmered with more spices. The meat goes onto a sub roll, where it’s topped with fresh house-made cheese.

Call it an Ethiopian beef-and-cheese sub, if it makes you feel better, just don’t miss trying this true example of Buffalo-Ethiopian crossover cuisine. “In Ethiopia, we don’t eat sandwiches,” Gemmeda said. They don’t eat bread, either. “We eat kitfo with injera,” the characteristic sourdough pancake of Ethiopian cuisine. “I am creating this for other people who don’t want to eat big meals.” Read more from Buffalo News » 

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