Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Solution has not been reached in dam talks: Egyptian, Ethiopian water ministries

(Feb 11, 2014 (Daily News Egypt))--The Egyptian delegation to Ethiopia, headed by the water minister, returned from Ethiopia Tuesday after it failed to resolve “sticking points” following talks on the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam.

Minister of Water Resources and Irrigation Mohamed Abdul Muttalib resumed talks in the Ethiopian capital on Monday. The Egyptian water ministry said that Abdul Muttalib accepted an invitation to hold talks from his Ethiopian counterpart Alemayehu Tegunu; however, Ethiopia’s foreign ministry said “Minister Muttalib asked to visit Ethiopia.”

Egypt’s water ministry said after the meeting that “all suggestions by the Egyptian delegation to solve sticking points were met with unjustified rejection, reaching the level of obstinacy.” The ministry continued in its statement that this proves that the Ethiopian side did not look at the current problem with sufficient “attention and seriousness”.

Ethiopia, on the other hand, said the talks “made no progress” because of a difference in opinion regarding the involvement of international experts in a proposed committee to oversee implementing recommendations of a report written by the International Panel of Experts in 2013.

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