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10 Best Ethiopian Drama Movies

(March 15, 2011,Screen junkies)--Already tired of Hollywood faces? Come watch these ten best Ethiopian drama movies. At first sight, the different film approaches are weird for the casual viewer, but with a little bit of patience, you will start enjoying their good stories and awesome actors. If you want to experience something new and interesting, pay a visit to these movies
1. “Abugida” If there is a place where drama explodes, you can bet there’s a political plot involved. What’s shocking in this dramatic movie is that it is not fiction. Based on real history about a coup d’etat, expect to be a witness to a high-tension life with serious predicaments.

2. “Addis Hiwot” This film tells the very well-known story about the “American Dream,” but this time, from the perspective of Ethiopians. It’s a touching movie that shows how difficult it is to achieve a better life, leaving behind all that you care about. Still, you’ll find some moments of happiness amidst the emotional chaos.

3. “Askerenu” This Ethiopian movie is also available under the name of “The Corpse”. A couple undergoes a critical moment in their relationship. The wife decides to cheat on her husband with her doctor, but the doctor is a twisted person that tries to convince her to kill everyone against their alleged love.

4. “Camparada” Take a peek at this romantic young drama with moments of comedy that will melt your heart. Two college students, Danny and Gelila, share campus life together and soon find their lives bound in a sudden and sometimes awkward romance.

5. “Tasralech” This is the story of a young woman that tries to find freedom. With very strict and mean parents, her life has become a living hell. She finds herself lost in sadness and anger. Don’t miss out on the sudden twist that appears minutes after the beginning of this Ethiopian movie.

6. “Nege” Also available as “Tomorrow,” this dramatic movie talks about the life of a woman that finds herself in many hardships once she gets to Addis Ababa. Luxury is never a real possibility, so thinking about a promising future becomes an unreachable dream.

7. “13 Months Of Sunshine” This is a clear example of when you face marriage as if it were a business deal to obtain. Marriage becomes a contract that leads to a better future under the holy protection of a green card in the U.S. One guy is up for this adventure and he is able to pay for the favor, but in the end, he realizes that it was never a good idea to begin with.

8. “Enkoklesh” This is a movie that shows that the first to suffer in any relationship are the children. Still, there’s a possibility that things could change with a better understanding of the situation.

9. “Ye Wonz Maibel” Under the rule of the military government, many young men try to find their way out so that their families may have peace. A young man loses his friend and brother through this process because of the difficult situation.

10. “Desert Flower” Unfold a dramatic story behind the catwalk. This is the hidden tale of a fashion model that suffered in her younger years to become a remarkable professional. Based on the true story of supermodel, Waris Dirie, there is good drama ready to be told.
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