Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Ethiopian Troops Join AU Force in Somalia

(Jan 22. 2014, (NAIROBI))--Ethiopian troops have officially joined the African Union mission in Somalia known as AMISOM, giving a boost to the security force as it continues to battle against al-Shabab militants.  Ethiopian soldiers have served a critical role securing areas in the west of the country, acting independent of the AU mission. 

After operating two years on their own to fight al-Shabab, more than 4,000 Ethiopian troops will now operate under the AMISOM mandate backed by the United Nations. AU force spokesman Colonel Ali Aden Humad told VOA that Ethiopia, with its experience in some parts of Somalia, will help AU troops take more ground from the insurgent group.

“It is obvious if we have more troops and especially the Ethiopians are a bit familiar with the region, we will be moving forward easily and our priorities will be getting more areas and liberating more towns,” he said. Read more from Voice of America »

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