Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Ethiopian stand on gay adoption

(Jan 23, 2014, (The Times of Malta))--In a recent article in Times of Malta about gay couples adopting children, I discovered anew how pharisaical people’s ignorance and hypocrisy can be. One sentence reads: “Countries like Ethiopia had been closing doors on adoptions for Maltese because of fears that prospective single parents could be gay.”

Ethiopians, renowned for their inability to govern themselves and for living in the second poorest country in the world despite being one of the richest in mineral resources like gold, potash, copper, platinum and natural gas, are closing doors on adoptions by Maltese parents because these might be homosexual.

A country ravaged by illiteracy, corruption, child prostitution and political instability still has the damnable effrontery to pontificate on the sexual orientation of a few good souls willing to take starving Ethiopian foundlings into their care. If this doesn’t win an award as one of the most banal acts of immorality ever to find its way into State policy, nothing will. Read more from The Times of Malta »

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