Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Ethiopia two games away from 2014 World Cup

(Oct 08, 2013, (News.com.au))--IN African football, it's usually the unexpected marvels that capture the world's attention. In 1990, it was Cameroon's stunning win over Argentina and its subsequent path to the quarterfinals of the World Cup, highlighted by Roger Milla's iconic hip-wiggling dance at the corner flag.

In 2002, it was Senegal defeating world champion France at the showcase tournament, prompting fans to slaughter cockerels, the French mascot, on the streets of Dakar. Now, Ethiopia is just two games away from achieving another feat that once seemed inconceivable - simply reaching the 2014 World Cup.

What a story that would be.
Champion of Africa in 1962, Ethiopia fell off the football map for three decades. Civil war ravaged the country, and terrible famine killed nearly half a million people in the early 1980s.

Sport still played a part in the country, as world-beating runners hardened by poverty and high altitude continued to come out of Ethiopia.  Read more from News.com.au »

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