Thursday, August 01, 2013

USAID helps Ethiopian designer Fikirte export to USA

(Aug 01, 2013, (Fibre 2 fashion))--Ethiopian designer Fikirte Addis “feels like she is ready to fly.” A one-time child psychologist with a passion for design, Addis took a risk in 2009 by launching her own brand. Since that time, she has won the Origin Africa Fiber to Fashion Designer Showcase in Mauritius, has received standing ovations in New York and has joined the ethical fashion scene in Paris.

In the words of fashion-focused Zen Magazine, “Designer Fikirte Addis is taking the fashion world by storm, her 2013 collection “Timeless Girl, Modern World” is shining bright this summer.” The USAID East Africa Trade Hub discovered Fikirte in 2010, shortly after she launched her brand that offers a “cultural touch for the modern day women.” Fikirte uses local fabrics and traditional Ethiopian weavers.

She’s proud of Ethiopian culture and committed to strengthening the skill set of her weavers and providing them with consistent, well-paid work. Exporting to the U.S. through the African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA) provides the demand she needs to meet her commitment.  Read more from Fibre 2 fashion »

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