Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Remembering brave Ethiopian fighters

(Jun 25, 2013, (The Korea Times))--The Korean War might not be an interesting issue to the youth nowadays but it is the most tragic incident in Korea’s 5,000-year-long history.

If the United Nations Forces had not come and supported us at that time, the Republic of Korea would have disappeared from the Earth and only the flag of North Korea would have been fluttered from Mt. Baekdu to Mt. Halla. Korea, which used to be unnoticed at the Far Eastern corner of the world, now stands high among top-10 countries in almost every field.

We Koreans reasonably take pride in having successfully held worldwide events such as the G20 Summit, Yeosu World Exhibition and the Seoul Olympic Games.Who can deny what Korea owes to the sacrifices of U.N. Forces consisting of 16 countries such as Ethiopia, the Philippines and the U.S. that fought to dispel the communist invaders together with Korean soldiers and students during the Korean War.

I'd like to tell our young students, who tend to regard the war as only the past, the story of 6,037 Ethiopian soldiers who sailed here over more than half round the earth and fought to defend the freedom of Koreans and world peace with the spirit of “we'll fight until win or die.” Read more from The Korea Times » 

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