Saturday, June 08, 2013

For Ethiopia-born Miss Israel, an emotional return

(June 8, 2013, (The Times of Israel))-- Israel’s first Ethiopian-born beauty queen Yityish Titi Aynaw made an emotional return trip this week to her native homeland, to accompany extended members of her family on their aliyah journey to Israel.

Aynaw, 21, from Netanya, was chosen Miss Israel 2013 in February. She had left Ethiopia with members of her immediate family at age 10.  “Coming back is very emotional. I grew up here but left behind my loved ones. It’s very hard,” she said to a TV crew from Channel 2, which accompanied her on the trip.

Once in Addis Ababa, Ethiopian passersby greeted the beauty queen with calls of “congratulations, Miss Israel.” At the market, onlookers commended her for meeting US President Barack Obama in March and told her she put Ethiopia on the map. She responded graciously in Amharic, aware that she was standing out with her pink dress and high heels. Read more from The Times of Israel »

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