Sunday, May 26, 2013

UK foreign aid, the final insult: Ethiopian sues Britain after claiming our £1.3billion programme supports 'Stalinist' regime that sent him to world's biggest refugee camp

(May 26, 2013, (Daily Mail))--It is hard to think of many more blessed spots on Earth than the Gambella region of Ethiopia, with its fertile soil, lush vegetation and flowing rivers – so different to the usual famine-struck images of barren terrain and starving infants we see from that country.

There are even rich seams of gold running under the verdant fields of fruit and vegetables, panned for centuries by the tribes that lived in the area. As my bearded companion describes his homeland to me in his deep voice, he whips out his mobile phone to show me pictures that remind me of the more bucolic parts of Britain.

‘We lived in a village alongside the river where you could grow anything – maize, sorghum, lemon, bananas, oranges, pineapple. We were so happy growing up there and living there in our village.’ Read more from Daily Mail »

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