Thursday, January 10, 2013

Kidnapped Ethiopian Cab Driver Likely Never to Recover

A cab driver who was kidnapped, stuffed in the trunk of his cab and driven around Cincinnati for hours is in a vegetative state and will likely never recover, Local 12 News has learned.

Mulugeta Shiferaw suffered severe brain damage last September when a fare robbed him and forced him into the trunk of his cab. After several hours of searching and a high-speed chase, police found Shiferaw’s cab, with him in the trunk. Charles Black, 30, was taken into custody and charged with felonious assault, robbery and kidnapping and aggravated robbery. Black had been released from prison just days earlier.

Shiferaw’s brother-in-law said his family may soon have to make a decision about taking him off life support.

"He is in a vegetative state. What that means is he has zero chance to recover. So we as a family and his closest friends what we need to do is we need to think about his future,” said Dessalegn Nemera, Shiferaw’s brother-in-law.

Shiferaw came to the United States from Ethiopia several years ago in search of a better life. He worked seven days a week to provide for his newlywed wife – and the baby they were expecting. Shiferaw also sent money to Ethiopia for his younger siblings. Shiferaw’s wife, Workinesh Nemera, is expecting their first daughter in February. Dealing with what’s happened to her husband has taken its toll. Read more from local12 »

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