Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Dr. Eleni Gebremedhin Speaks about PM Meles Zenawi

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thank you Illeni for your brave engagement and represnting the diaspora in a fruictfull manner! I did not like your comment about washington environment being as a hot and hostile temper...who are you fingering at? Now question: is freedom and economics are something that should go hand in hand? if there are hostile view towards TPLF which Meles was the head, it is definitely because of the lack of freedom and that tigrean are all in keys areas of business and land one day, Illeni you will also have to explain to us what are the required skills to work with a dictator? yes, the fact is that Mels was in power for 21 years...does question his legacy and will be discussed one day. So this is will have to be material to be discussed, mature politicians from all parties should aknowledge that and heal that nation for a better purpose. We 're all ethiopian, and eventhough I have my reservation about Meles way,( you are with me or else get out type) has not convinced milions. Yet, I have cried when I heard his death...this is what true opposition does...we fight for ideas not for hate. But Meles locked many for their ideas! I regret Meles could not see that kind of democraty because he was brilliant and yet, could not embrace all of us, diaspora or not with our different approach...TPLF should really engage a conversation in that direction...we are all ethiopians loving the same land the same culture eating the same food...the goal is not to become rich and famous but to leave a legacy a head nation for future generation...since my birth, I see more and more leaving the country: this has to stop!! I pray Haile Mariam Dessalegne will consider this for future and start a real debate with the youth, elders with all our diversity...Unity is our force, division will kill us...thank you and long live to Ethiopia and the brave people of Ethiopia, Happy New Year !

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