Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Ethiopian migrant run down in Calais as hundreds return to port town

(Jan 24, 2017, (The Telegraph))--An Ethiopian man has died after being hit by a lorry near Calais as hundreds of migrants desperate to reach Britain return to the French port three months after the “Jungle” camp was bulldozed.

The 20-year-old, killed on a motorway leading to the port on Saturday, was the first migrant known to have died in an apparent attempt to board a UK-bound vehicle in the area since Europe’s largest migrants’ camp was razed in October.

As many as 50 migrants are estimated to be arriving in Calais each day, Frédéric Baland, a police union spokesman, said. About 400 are now in the area, according to aid workers and local sources.
“Dismantling the camp has not stopped the flow of migrants in Calais,” Mr Baland said.

“We’ve gone back to the same situation we had here three or four years ago, with small groups scattered in the town. We estimate the number of daily arrivals at between 30 and 50.” Read more from Telegraph »

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