Tuesday, December 06, 2016

In Cairo, Ethiopia's Oromos lose hope with UN refugee agency

(Dec 6, (Reuters))--In Egypt, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) has been the target of bitter criticism and even violent protest this year.

Protests at the agency's Cairo headquarters - including one man setting himself on fire - have been led by Oromos, the single biggest ethnic group in Ethiopia. The Oromos say the UNHCR - which by agreement with the Egyptian government has responsibility for determining asylum applications in Egypt - has routinely rejected their asylum claims.

The Oromos claim the UN agency has been hostile to their allegations of discrimination, persecution and even torture by the government of Ethiopia. Protests and a government crackdown in Ethiopia have left 140 (the government estimate) or 314 (Human Rights Watch) dead since July and pushed thousands of people to flee the country.

UNHCR said the criticism is unfounded. It conceded there had been delays to processing applications but said those were caused by a shortage of resources. Read more from Reuters »

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Anonymous said...

It is OK they can GO BACK to their country Ethiopia nothing will happen to them they just have to admit and ask the Ethiopian people to forgive them for what they did??? you know UNCHR have a lot of responsibility and work to do for many other people who are rely victims of war, starvation discrimination and so on you do not just go and ask for political asylum WHILE there is NOTHING to worry about??? if you are economic refugees maybe yes and that is NOT enough for anyone to go that far and suffer in such ugly and poor place like Egypt they can't even feed or give work to their own people they can't protect their own people from fleeing their country and died on water please please Brothers and Sisters just go back to your GREAT COUNTRY Ethiopia and try to live in PEACE. God bless you ALL

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