Friday, November 18, 2016

Drunk Michigan man yelled ‘Trump’ during racist attack on Ethiopian cab driver

(Nov 18, (Michigan))--A Michigan man shouting “Trump” attacked an immigrant cab driver Saturday, reports. Yemaj Adem, an Ethiopian immigrant, described the rage he encountered last weekend after a man, later identified as Jacob David Holtzlander,  jumped into his cab along with five women.

Adem said he assumed Hotzlander was with the women, but later discovered otherwise. According to Adem, Holtzlander—whom Adem said appeared drunk—became agitated when the cab driver informed him his offer of $10 would not be enough to complete the trip.

“The first punch, I was surprised,” Adem told “I’ve never experienced this from a fare. Five years now and I’ve never had an issue.” “When I heard that Trump word, I knew this was something different,” he added. Adem was able to escape the assault by jumping out of the cab. He returned to his car and drove away after Holtzlander got out and laid on the ground.  Read more from The Raw Story »

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