Sunday, October 09, 2016

Ethiopia declares state of emergency

(Oct 09, 2016, (EBC))--The Council of Ministers has declared a six-month state of emergency effective from Saturday, 8 October 2016, to reverse the danger posed by forces working in collaboration with foreign enemies to undermine the safety of the people and security and stability of the country.

The decree came following detailed discussion by the Council on the situation that led to the loss of lives and damage on properties, Prime Minister Hailemariam said.

The Ethiopian constitution under article 93 provides the power for the Council of Ministers to decree a state of emergency in case of external invasion, a breakdown of law and order which endangers the constitutional order, natural disaster or an epidemic.

If the emergency rule has to be declared when the House of People's Representatives is on recess, the decree shall be submitted to the House within 15 days. Read more from ebc »

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Why don't you give up your power to the people.......

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