Saturday, July 09, 2016

Israel to support Ethiopia in developing water resources: Netanyahu

(Jun 09, 2016 (Daily News Egyp))--Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that Israel will support Ethiopia to develop its water resources by enhancing its agriculture systems.

During his brief speech in front of the Ethiopian parliament, Netanyahu said: “Ethiopia is moving in the right direction, and we will support it by enforcing its development projects.” The Israeli prime minister also said that he discussed “the danger of terrorism” with the leaders of seven African countries.

Ethiopian prime minister Hailemariam Desalegn said that his country supports the Israeli request to join the African Union as a supervisor. “Israel works hard in several African countries, and there is no reason to prevent it from being a supervisor,” Desalegn said.

“We want Israel to be a part of our African system,” he added. Netanyahu said that all African countries can benefit from cooperating with Israel. Ethiopia and Kenya supported the Israeli request to become a supervisor in the African Union, while many other African countries opposed it.

Nader Noureddine, a professor of water resources, believes that the media exaggerated the effect of Netanyahu on Africa. “This is the most unsuccessful visit of an Israeli official to Africa,” Noureddine told Daily News Egypt. Read more from Daily News Egypt »

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