Friday, June 17, 2016

Latest Ethiopia-Eritrea Clash is Culmination of Long-festering Tensions

(Jun 17, 2016, (VOA))--Despite a lull after hostilities earlier this week, tensions remain high across the militarized border between Ethiopia and Eritrea.

Eritrea claimed Thursday it had killed more than 200 Ethiopian troops and wounded more than 300. A Ministry of Information statement did not say how many Eritrean troops were killed or wounded.

There has been no independent confirmation of the figures released by Eritrea in a government statement Thursday. In an interview with VOA's Horn of Africa Service, Ethiopia's Communications Minister Getachew Reda suggested the figures are inaccurate but stopped short of denying them. He also said Ethiopia has no interest in disclosing its assessment of damages during the battle.

'Active hostilities'
Reda added that "active hostilities ... launched by the regime in Asmara" were stopped, and Ethiopia was prepared to repel what it views as Eritrean hostilities.

“What we do next will ultimately depend on what the regime in Asmara decides to do next,” Reda said.  Awet Weldemichael, a professor of history at Queen’s University in Kingston, Canada, said despite the fact that these clashes were dismissed by some as “skirmishes” similar to others that have periodically flared up, they were quite serious. Read more from Voice of America »

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