Thursday, June 16, 2016

Ethiopia and Eritrea blame each other for border clash

(Jun 16, 2016, (BBC))--Ethiopia and Eritrea have exchanged accusations over who started Sunday's fighting at their disputed border. Ethiopia's Information Minister Getachew Reda described the clashes in the Tsorona area as "an Eritrean initiative".

Earlier, the Eritrean government said that Ethiopia had "unleashed" the attack. A peace deal in 2000 ended the countries' two-year war border war but it has not been fully implemented.

Ever since, the countries have been in a state of "neither war nor peace", says the BBC's Ethiopia correspondent Emmanuel Igunza. Residents on the Ethiopian side of the border reported hearing gunfire and seeing a large movement of troops and artillery towards the frontier on Sunday. There were reports that clashes continued into Monday morning.

"There were significant casualties on both sides, but more on the Eritrean side," Mr Getachew told the AFP news agency.Eritrea has not mentioned any casualty figures. Read more from BBC »

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