Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Joys and surprises of watching Liverpool and Arsenal in Ethiopia (for 45p)

(Nov 25, 2015, (The guardian))--Premier League’s reach is underlined by hundreds in Lalibela – around 20% of the adult male population – following the matches on a public TV every Saturday

José Mourinho swept a disgusted arm through the air, spun on his heel and disappeared down the tunnel, furious at Chelsea conceding an equaliser to Liverpool well into the third minute of first-half injury time. The majority of the 90 or so people packed into the courtyard of the Sebli Cafe laughed.

Outside, a mule trotted past, followed by a man carrying the hide of a skinned goat on a stick. Smoke drifted across the doorway from the charcoal of the woman warming a coffee pot outside the cafe next door.

It’s easy to become cynical about the Premier League’s claim to be the greatest league in the world. When clubs claim to have hundreds of millions of fans in Africa or Asia, based on some spurious research on Facebook, it’s become customary – and reasonable – to mock. But it’s also easy to be blind to just how much interest there is worldwide in the Premier League. Read more from The guardian »

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