Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Calais church to has become a miracle of faith to the Christian migrants

(July 11,, 2015, (Daily Mail ,( Calais)))--"They decided that they needed a place to pray. Around 35 volunteers put themselves forward to start work on the church, scouring the area for any building materials.

Unlike many of the other makeshift constructions dotted around the Jungle which can be started and completed within days, the church’s community spent two months finalising every detail.

Lovingly made: Migrants built the small church out of long sheets of taped together tarpaulin and planks of wood. Fashioned out of wood, a large crucifix is positioned on the roof of the building

When the BBC’s Songs of Praise team arrives to film at the church this week it will coincidentally mark the one-month anniversary of its opening. One of the migrants, who helped build the church and now acts as one of their lay preachers, is Soloman Grama. The 39-year-old Ethiopian left his home in the city of Addis Ababa ‘because of political problems more than a year ago’.

Despite leaving behind his homeland and making the perilous journey across Africa on his own, he insists: 'I never lost my faith.'  Speaking to the MailOnline, Mr Grama explained that he was hoping to make it to the UK 'sometime later this year' as his wife Hannah, 31, and their son, Yabsora, five, had managed to get to the UK by plane and are now living in Liverpool.

Mr Grama also revealed that the church is known as St Michael's Calais. He said: ‘The church is named after Michael the Guardian Angel. He is there to protect us all." Read more from Daily Mail »

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