Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Ethiopia continues evacuating its citizens from Yemen

(Apr 14,2015, (mfa))--A second group of Ethiopian evacuees arrived at dawn in Addis Ababa on Monday (March 13). Also returning at the same time were families of the diplomatic staff from the Republic of Yemen.

The Government is continuing its efforts through the National Committee and the Ethiopian Embassy in Sana’a to provide speedy and safe evacuation of Ethiopian citizens from Yemen. It is also continuing to cooperate with other stakeholders to provide appropriate methods and means for the evacuation of Ethiopian nationals.

The staff of the Ethiopian Embassy in Sana’a, together with Ethiopian Diaspora community representatives and members residing in Yemen, is committed to complete the process of evacuating all Ethiopian nationals in an orderly fashion. The Government is closely following the situation and conditions of all Ethiopian nationals in Yemen.
Source: Ministry of Foreign Affairs

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