Friday, February 20, 2015

Space Observatory Offers Ethiopia Pathway to Stars, Development

(Feb 20, 2015, (ADDIS ABABA))--Two optical telescopes are the latest means through which Ethiopia aims to use space technology to further the country's development.

The observatory is fully functional, and soon it will be fully operated by Ethiopia's own engineers. Astrophysicist David Buckley and other scientists have been in Ethiopia for weeks to test the telescopes and make sure everything is in line with international standards before handing it over to Ethiopia.

“We check that the stars are very sharp, in focus, there’s no distortion across the images, that  there’s uniformity across the whole field of the telescope," said Buckley, who is head of astronomy operations at the Southern African Large Telescope near Sutherland, South Africa. 

"And then the second, probably most important attribute of the telescope is how well it points to an object.” Building the telescopes and the observatory took three years. The cost of the telescopes alone was almost $3 million. Read more from Voice of America »

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