Tuesday, October 07, 2014

DC Ethiopian Embassy Shooting Sparks Rival Protests

(Oct 07, 2014) Washington DC, STATE DEPARTMENT))--There is more fallout from a shooting last month near the Ethiopian Embassy in Washington that resulted in the embassy security attache being sent home. The incident sparked rival protests Tuesday near the U.S. State Department, with one group urging the United States to do more to protect the diplomatic compound.

As they waved banners and the Ethiopian flag, about 20 protesters calling themselves Ethiopians for Peace called for more security at the Ethiopian embassy in Washington. Moulou Assefa said an incident, which resulted in an embassy staffer firing shots at protesters, never should have happened.

“We felt like we had been violated.  We had been let down by the [U.S.] Secret Service.  They should have protected the embassy,” said Assefa. He said his group is not against protests, but feels that demonstrators should not be allowed to, in his words, "occupy" embassy grounds.

“Literally, there was a fight.  They just took down the Ethiopian flag and they were trying to replace it.  This is unheard of," said Assefa. As he spoke, about 15 people who were part of that embassy confrontation held a counter-demonstration across the street. Read more from Voice Of America » 

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