Thursday, August 14, 2014

I AM ETHIOPIA: The cross-cultural vision of photographer Mintwab Zemeadim

(Aug 14, 2014, (Seattle))--"I AM ETHIOPIA" is a movement that started with YMG (Yonie Media Group) in association with the upcoming film "An Ethiopian Love." The message in this mantra is simple; descendants from this land are much more that what mainstream media identifies them to be.

This series focuses on three Ethiopian-American artists who break the mold of the misconceptions of Ethiopia and its people to create their own colorful and groundbreaking identities. There are no rules or regulations on what it means to be Ethiopian. Being Ethiopian is whatever you create it to be and therein lies the beauty to be yourself.

Gabriel Teodros considers himself an MC and a storyteller. Through his words and rhythm Gabriel weaves together his unique roots of Ethiopian, Irish, Scottish and Native American descent into the world of hip-hop. Growing up in an Ethiopian household, Gabriel used the influence of his surroundings to form a bicultural identity, which gave birth to seven musically enticing albums. Hip-hop is the path to which Gabriel can bring his worlds together.

Through his own story he blends his identities, encouraging others to step outside the rigid boxes that society tries to place them in.

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