Tuesday, July 08, 2014

UK must ‘stand up’ for Ethiopia opposition leader extradited from Yemen, says Ginbot 7 group

(July 08, 2014, (fri))--Ethiopian opposition group Ginbot 7 have urged the UK government to do more to ensure the safety of an exiled Ethiopian opposition leader who was recently deported from Yemen to Ethiopia. British national Andargachew Tsige has been sentenced to death in absentia for planning to assassinate government officials - a charge he denies.

He was arrested by Yemeni authorities last month while in transit to Eritrea. The British foreign office has said it is continuing to look into the case. RFI spoke to Ephrem Madebo, spokesperson for Ginbot 7, based in the US.

Do you know where he is?
The last information that we have is that the foreign office in the UK, referring to the Yemeni ambassador to the UK, informed Tsige’s family that Tsige has been extradited to Ethiopia. That is the information we have now. 

Why was he originally actually travelling to Asmara in Eritrea?
Mr Andargachew is a long-standing human rights and freedom activist in Ethiopia. He was in Ethiopia in 2005, but basically he didn’t  Read more from RFI (Radio France International) »

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