Thursday, May 29, 2014

Victory Day, celebrated colorfully in the Addis Ababa stadium

(May 29, 2014, (mfa))--The 23rd anniversary of the May 28 celebration of the overthrow of the military regime of the Derg was held at Addis Ababa Stadium on Wednesday (May 28) in the presence of Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn, high-level government officials, members of the private sector and thousands of residents of Addis Ababa and its surroundings.

The Prime Minister noted that May 28 is a day that ensured the equality of all nations, nationalities and peoples and the establishment of a democratic order in Ethiopia. In the past twenty three years, he said, Ethiopia had proved that it has high hopes to realize its dreams of a renaissance by ensuring full observance of basic political and democratic rights and good governance. One important achievement, Prime Minister Hailemariam noted, was the increase of annual food production, 50 million quintals two decades ago, to over 250 million quintals.

This, he said, enabled Ethiopia to be food self-sufficient, and it was one of the results of May 28.  In a remarkable change, Ethiopian subsistence farmers and the country which had known famine and destitution in the past were now able to deliver excess produce to market. Farmers once dependent upon irregular rains could now produce two or more crops a year through irrigation.

The renaissance of rural Ethiopia, the Prime Minister said, had started in earnest. At the same time, he noted the Government and people of Ethiopia still needed to go a long way to meet the goals set in the GTP.  Further massive works were being carried out to expand access to drinking water, electricity, roads and telecom services. Equally, the attention given to the private sector enabled Ethiopia to become one of the foremost investment destinations in the world.

Prime Minister Hailemariam thanked the police and Ethiopian defense forces for their efforts in thwarting attempts by anti-peace elements to impede Ethiopia’s development march. He underlined the Government’s commitment to make next year’s national elections free, fair and peaceful.

The Minister of Government Communication Affairs, Redwan Hussien, said Ethiopia had become one of the fast growing economies the world despite the fact it had been below the level of poverty twenty three years ago. He said that celebrating the 23rd anniversary of May 28, Victory Day, “we have to renew our promise to ensure the sustainability of the development of the country and realize good governance”.

On the occasion, the Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front called on the public to work jointly to further deepen the successes attained during the past 23 years and fully realize Ethiopia’s renaissance. It underlined that the victory of May 28 was a historic day for Nations, Nationalities and People’s of Ethiopia who had suffered for so long at the hands of a ruthless and dictatorial regime.

The leaders of Algeria, Bulgaria, China, Cuba and Egypt were among those who sent congratulatory messages. US Secretary of State John Kerry sent best wishes on behalf of the government and the people of the United States, noting the US commitment to promoting Ethiopia’s economic growth and development, democratic governance and respect for human rights, and peace and security in the region.
Source: mfa

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