Sunday, May 04, 2014

Ethiopia’s AhadooTec launches learning platform

(May 04, 2014, (HumanIPO))--Ethiopian startup AhadooTec ICT Solutions has launched a learning platform providing computer based and mobile access to supplementary learning materials for secondary school students. The platform – named “Fidel”, the Amharic word for alphabet – functions as a personalised service giving access to extra learning materials, as well as exercises and exam practice questions.

It allows students to track their progress, gives instant feedback on exercises, and allows for interaction between peers using the platform. In an interview with HumanIPO, co-founder of AhadooTec Amanuel Abrha said the platform aims to encourage learning outside of the classroom environment, and teach students 21st century skills.

“In Ethiopia memorising facts as well as chalk and talk dominate. Advantages of using Fidel include that students get immediate feedback for their exercises as well as have a real opportunity to learn outside the classroom; anytime, anywhere,” he said. Read more from HumanIPO »

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