Sunday, February 16, 2014

Ethiopia's Rehima Kedir wins the Hong Kong Marathon

(Feb 16, 2014, (South China Morning Post))--Ethiopian overcomes hamstring problems to turn in one of the best runs of her career as she and her compatriots sweep the top places. Rehima Kedir was in two minds for a second or two as she motored towards the finish line in the women's marathon.

Women's winner Rehima Kedir (Credit  South Chinia morning post)
The 28-year-old Ethiopian was out in front but, like the crowd gathered inside Victoria Park, had been expecting a challenge to emerge from two-time winner Misiker Demissie down the stretch. With victory in sight, Kedir quickly stole a half-glance over her shoulder and then took a longer, harder look just to make sure the marathon was hers for the taking. A broad smile then broke out across her face as she crossed the line to win in 2:34:53 and Kedir celebrated by kneeling down and kissing the ground.

"I wasn't sure whether or not to look," she said while waiting to collect US$65,000 for her efforts. "But when I saw the distance between us I knew I would win." Demissie took second in 2:35:05, with Gemechu Debellu third in 2:35:18, making it an all-Ethiopian affair.

Kedir had made it look easy but she said it was anything but as a tight hamstring with about 32 kilometres completed had threatened to put paid to her chances. "But by the time we got to around 41 kilometres it had cleared and I was confident then that I was going to win the race," she said. Read more from South China Morning Post »

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